Nikos Sarris: We can fight disinformation and misinformation with technology tools

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Nikos Sarris: We can fight disinformation and misinformation with technology tools

During the Digital Single Market #ICT2018 Innovation Conference I met and interviewed Nikos Sarris, Head of the ATC Innovation Lab (

Nikos has been working for more than 20 years in R&D projects as a researcher, project manager and coordinator of large multinational consortia. In the latest years, he has been involved in media-related projects focusing on the semantic analysis and ‘understanding’ of multimedia news content. He is currently managing two related products on behalf of ATC: TruthNest and TrulyMedia, the latter in cooperation with Deutsche Welle DW-TV. Nikos is the coordinator of the EC-funded SOMA project tasked to empower the European Observatory against Disinformation.

We talked about Truly Media and how they are fighting Disinformation through Human, Crowd and Artificial Intelligence.

You can find more about InVID project, work of the EU project REVEAL, one of the EC’s very first projects dealing with verification of digital content started in 2013 and completed in late 2016, at More about Truly Media, a collaborative verification platform developed by ATC and Deutsche Welle at and the newly started EU projects WeVerify (also tackling misinformation – started on 1 Dec 2018) at Also, check out the coordination action SOMA (building and supporting a European Disinformation Observatory – more on

p.s Many thanks to the European Commission and Digital Single Market for inviting me to attend the biggest innovation conference of Europe and the DG Connect Media team for their great support.

Click above the photo and watch the interview. Enjoy the interesting discussion.

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