Nexar turns iPhone into a dash cam

Tech News

A promising upcoming iPhone app called Nexar uses computer vision to understand the road and identify things like traffic signals, license plates and the trajectory of other cars by simply mounting an iPhone onto a car’s dashboard.

The app focuses on driver safety. The company claims it can recreate accidents in 3D. For instance, when an accident happens, the app uses the combination of the iPhone’s camera and sensors to understand what happened. It then creates a 3D model of the car to show the accident — what angle the car was hit, how heavy the impact was, and if the accident was bad enough to injure the driver.

“It’s a whole different level of depth when it comes to accident understanding,” claimed Nexar cofounder and CEO Eran Shir.

Nexar has been running a beta test of the app for the past six months with about 200 cars with Uber and Lyft drivers. So far, the company has been collecting and analyzing more than 100,000 miles of road per week. Shir said, “We’re already mapping out San Francisco and the Bay Area at a level we think is unprecedented.”