CES2016: Richard Frankel (Spotify): “If Content is King, Context is God then data is its religion” (vid)

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Spotify was presented in CES2016. The creative director Richard Frankel presented an awesome speech in the C Space StoryTellers track of CES. He discussed the role of creativity and technology through partnerships as well as the innovation of content creation.

Richard Frankel is Creative Director at Spotify. In his role he works across consumer marketing and advertising on the Spotify brand and consults with ad sales helping to develop great experiences for brands on the Spotify platform.

During his talk spoke about data and how Spotify is starting to use it more on its daily business (and they have ton of data), how they use it to shape their platform, their platform, their audience and how creative they use it in Spotify. After 10 years of existence they have still find something to disrupt and innovate it.

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According to Richard, Spotify has 75 million users, using 30 million songs in 58 countries globally every day and 24 hours per day.

Check the video below for the full story

About Richard Frankel

Executive Producer / Creative Director with Print, TV, Broadband and Online development experience. Currently Creative Director at Spotify USA

Was co-founder at Indigenous, a firm that specialized in helping media companies and brands develop original marketing platforms to help brands more effectively connect with their target audiences. Previously worked as an Executive Producer at Ogilvy & Mather in New York in their Ogilvy Entertainment division.

Ran RFD Productions, a small creative outsource service for music biz clients. Produced TV specials and DVD content that served as both original programming and marketing support. We developed and supplied associated packaging and advertising design as part of our turn-key offering. Two RFD projects for Sting have been honored with Emmy Awards.

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Source: CES Youtube, Richard Frankel LinkedIn