Most viral content on Facebook in 2017

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Buzzsumo recently published the results of reviewing two billion articles and Facebook posts that were published in 2017.

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The research demonstrates that people on Facebook actively share and engage with:

• Music videos, in multiple languages, the top videos were in Spanish, English and Thai.
• Practical videos demonstrating hacks and tips
• Food and recipes, particularly videos
• Awe-inspiring videos and images
• Heartwarming, supportive and uplifting content including human stories and animals
• Tribal content including political posts, sports posts and opinion content
• News and findings from the latest studies and scientific research

When it comes to Facebook posts the top posts are almost exclusively videos. What is also interesting is that for many consumer publications the level of interaction they get when they post directly on Facebook is much higher than for the content published on their own sites. For example:

• Cnet top 3 website articles had interactions of 80k, 74k, and 65k. Their top 3 FB page post interactions were 268k, 167k, and 106k
• Mashable top 3 website articles had interactions of 964k, 783k, and 728k. Their top 3 FB page post interactions were 2.2m, 1.7m, and 1.2m
• BuzzFeed top 3 website articles had interactions of 1.4m, 916k, and 873k. Their top 3 FB page post interactions were 3m, 1.6m, and 1.2m

Whilst traditionally content gains more likes and reactions than shares this is not always the case. In the examples above there are many where the Facebook post has had far more shares than likes. Good examples are posts on food recipes, new technology, climate change and the millennial generation.

Most Shared Content On Facebook 2017

As we can see below Facebook audiences readily share entertaining, inspiring and heart-warming content published on the platform. Music videos topped the charts this year with three of the top ten posts. We can also observe a strong tribal element when it comes to the sharing of political and opinion content. There were two political posts in the top ten.

most shared facebook content 2017

The Most Viral Facebook Posts 2017

When it comes to Facebook posts the top posts were almost exclusively videos. Only three of the top 20 posts were not videos. The most popular topics were:
• Practical hacks (5 of the top 10 posts were practical tips)
• Awesome and inspiring content
• Food and recipes (5 of the top 25 posts were food posts)
• Cute animals
• Music videos
Four of the top 20 most shared Facebook posts were in Spanish. One of the top 20 posts was in French.

most viral facebook posts 2017

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