Sun, Jan

Deloitte Innovating with Open Data

Smart City

Deloitte has been nominated by the European Commission’s Support Group for Cyprus as the expert to assist 100 public sector bodies to release their data in an open format in order for Cyprus to fully comply with the EU Public Sector Information Directives.

In this context, the project team will implement a series of activities, including:

• Training civil servants in the topic of open data and assisting them to identify the datasets that are produced by their respective departments and which should be provided in an open format.

• Guide the departments in order to publish their data on the National Open Data Portal www.data.gov.cy

• Implement a series of awareness raising activities about open data, targeting civil servants, the private sector as well as the general public.

The final activity of the project will be the first ever hackathon with the utilization of open data in Cyprus, in July 2016.