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Remarket to your users through Google Display Network. Learn how!

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Do you want to re-engage your site visitors and remarket to them via Google Display Network? Below you can find 6 easy tutorials directly from Google Adwords Channel that can help you and guide to basic functionalities of setting up a Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords.

What is Remarketing?

According to Smarter HQ remarketing is “The process of reengaging a visitor/customer based on a recent interaction with your brand, often in an automated fashion”.
At its most basic, remarketing is about listening and reacting to what your customers/visitors are telling you through their actions.


• Remarketing delivers messages to past visitors of a website or lost prospects once they leave the site
• Remarketing looks to keep focus on a specific brand
• Remarketing works well with discounts, incentives, and specials

Remarketing on the Google Display Network helps you re-engage past site visitors with personalized ads even after they've left your site. Learn how to set up effective tags, remarketing lists, bids & ad formats and remarketing campaign settings with the 6 easy tutorials below.

Display Remarketing Best Practises

How to Set Up Your Remarketing Tags

How to Set Your Remarketing Bids and Ads for Success

How to Grow Your Remarketing Volume

How to Create Effective Remarketing Lists

How to Optimize Your Remarketing Campaign Settings

Source: Google Adwords Youtube Channel

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