Cypriot wins $20,000 grant from Microsoft


A King’s College London (KCL) researcher has won a $20,000 grant from the technological giant Microsoft to help advance his research in FOREX.

Demetrios Zamboglou, a Behavioural Finance PhD researcher in London, UK was presented with the Microsoft Azure Research Award for his online forex trading research.

The Microsoft Azure Research Award is an incentive offering free access to cloud computing resources for projects across the world.

Mr Zamboglou said: “Through its partnership with Microsoft Research, the Online Foreign Exchange Trading Project will be the first open source result-driven project (due to limited data availability) of its kind that will have significant results to show whether FX trading is a viable and rewarding career path.”


Machine learning projects are computationally expensive and require large computing resources in order to achieve quality results.

“This award will first benefit the online trading community, which comprises of hundreds of thousands of individual traders. It will give insight and information to traders about the performance of retail traders and their behavioural patterns, which are topics that have been rarely touched upon by earlier research due to the lack of access to high quality data.”

The Online Foreign Exchange Trading Project is a novel study on online investment decisions. We employ machine learning techniques to reconstruct in detail (high-frequency) the trading decision process of the retail foreign exchange (FX or FOREX) trader.