Vinit Nijhawan: Cyprus it’s a very entrepreneurial place! (vid)


During the CIPA StartupCyprus Demo Day the entrepreneur and venture capitalist Vinit Nijhawan was among the investors which 13 Cyprus startups presented their products.

Vinit Nijhawan was impressed not only by the knowledge that Cyprus entrepreneurs have of what is happening globally, but also by the technical quality of their presentations and products.

Vinit mentioned on CIPA Web TV: “I really enjoy listening the pitches today and I was quite impressed that Cyprus Entrepreneurs are so knowledgeable of what is happening to the rest of the world. I was impressed by the technical quality of the presentations and the products. I think Cyprus really punches above its weight giving the size of the country. It seems like it’s a very entrepreneurial place, lots of interesting companies and I wish them much success”.

About Vinit Nijhawan (

  • Serial entrepreneur with a track record of success, including 4 startups in 20 years.
  • CEO and proven leader within the mobile and wireless technology and applications industry.
  • Engineering background combined with sales and marketing skills enable balanced management.
  • More than 75 speaking engagements, panel discussions, and paper presentations on wireless and mobile technology.
  • Holds two significant high tech patents, each forming the cornerstone of a startup company.

Source: CIPA Youtube, Vinit Nijhawan Personal Website