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The ‘real version’ of business success stories by JCI Nicosia


The "Business Success Stories - The Real Version" Round Table discussion was held with great success on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at the European University of Cyprus.

The discussion was organized by the JCI Nicosia and the main speakers of the event were the successful Cypriot entrepreneurs Lysandros Ioannou, CEO of PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Ltd, George Eracleous, Co-Founder of Avocarrot, and Yannis Hadjiconstourouras, Founder of StudentLife.

The event was welcomed by JCI Nicosia Chairman George Polykarpou, President of JCI Cyprus George Dimitriadis and Vice-President of Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Marios Lena. Mr. Polykarpou said that this is the first event of the newly founded JCI Nicosia and that others will follow. Mr. Dimitriadis stressed the need for a strong JCI and invited attendees to embrace this initiative and become members of this family. The vice-president of NCCI Marios Lena underlined the support provided by NCCI to JCI Nicosia, hoping for even better cooperation.


The discussion followed with the three main speakers in a relaxed atmosphere with a full room audience. Lysandros Ioannou has brought up the problems faced by entrepreneurs today and the way the millennials face the labor market. According to Mr. Ioannou, the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face nowadays is to understand millennials and work with them. Mr. Hadjiconstourouras made a flashback when Studentlife's idea was born, while referring to the positive and negative issues they still have to do. Finally, Mr. Eracleous referred to the idea they set out and how they managed to win huge grants worldwide. All three speakers agreed that the true power of their companies is within their own team.

Supporters of the Round Table Discussion were the European University of Cyprus, PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Ltd and the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.