BaSE Erasmus+ Project: Useful Tools for Entrepreneurs


ΒaSE is an educational program which has been subsidized under the Erasmus+, the EU program for education, training and youth. The aim of BaSE, is to provide the necessary training to young people who wish to start their own business as well as those who want to develop their existing business.

Presentation Topics:
- What is BaSe project;
- How the tools of the program (three-dimensional simulation game and platform) can be used for skills acquisition and upgrading of knowledge for entrepreneurs?
- Practical implementation and training tools
- Discussion and evaluation tools

More about the Become a Successful Entrepreneur (BaSE)

Project BaSE is an EU funded project via the Erasmus+ Programme, aiming to offer innovative and alternative ways for entrepreneurial education. The main objective is to increase the potential of new business creation as well as provide adequate preparation for facing the hostile environment the financial crisis has created for existing businesses and those on their way.
Project BaSE is scheduled to have a term of 20 months, which started as of March 2015 and ending in October 2016. Throughout this period the Partnership will be working on the following:
Research and the development of relevant questionnaires in order to figure out the training needs for potential and / or established entrepreneurs

Developing ICT tools designed for the target group of youth in order to help them establish and grow their businesses. The main informative ICT tool will be a website which will contain educational sources and materials on entrepreneurship. The main fields of training materials identified are: organization set up and functioning, business operation, crisis management and other important elements of the business cycle.

Additionally, an innovative online simulation game for virtual practicum training of potential or established entrepreneurs will be created. In the simulation game, users will be invited to take the appropriate course of action in order to deal with a number of real-business-life challenges and problems which they will potentially come across in their effort to create and manage their own business. The virtual environment will allow the users to learn-by-doing, thus promoting their personal empowerment and entrepreneurial skills.

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The event will be held on January 12th at the Hilton Park (Amathusia Room, 18:00). The event will be held in the Greek Language.

During the event Kalia Demetriadou and Angelique Solomonidou, managing directors of Kalys Solutions will present the project.

The event has limited seats so book your place early at 99223604 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Source: Kalys Solutions, BaSE project website