Panos Panay: Follow your passion, keep it simple, investors put money in people and not ideas (vid)


On Monday (14/12) Panos Panay, mentor of IDEA Accelerator in Cyprus and founding Managing Director of Berklee ICE (Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship), delivered an inspiring talk on #creative #entrepreneurship and share his personal insights and experience developing Sonicbids.

It was an authentic talk coming from a Cypriot #entrepreneur that urge the audience to start thinking big but start a company for the right reasons to change the world and make it a better place. Just to mention here that before the presentation Panos had a mentoring session with the BandSter Startup residing in Idea Accelerator.

In the first part of the talk Panos tried briefly to share his experiences building a million dollar company out of nothing and in the second part he talked about creative entrepreneurship and the work that they doing in Berklee ICE shaping the future of music through innovation.

In the beginning he proudly mentioned: “It is a special privilege to be here especially with all the entrepreneurial activities happening on Cyprus. For me one of personal passion is the place that I grew up. After doing a lot of work in USA fostering the entrepreneurial minds of Americans I thought that this is crazy and I have to make something for the place that I own everything too. I will be Cypriot forever, I am thrilled for being here and I am proud of it.”

Regarding his experience with entrepreneurship he added: “A guitar and a movie taught me entrepreneurship changing my life. I got in Berklee. But as many people went to Berklee, I realized that I wasn’t as talented as I thought and that was one of my early entrepreneurial failure if you will. I studied music business and I was one of the first students studying this major. I love music and I like to talk so here two things that are marrying my passion. It was one of the first lessons that I got so follow the same route and find things that blend with your passion and follow them”.

Watch the complete talk below until the end. It’s worth it.


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On Monday (14/12) Panos Panay, mentor of IdeaCy Accelerator in Cyprus and founding Managing Director of BerkleeICE:...

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