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MyShake: Promising new app from Berkeley detects earthquakes

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UC Berkeley scientists unveiled last week MyShake, a free app available on Google Android phones and at myshake.berkeley.edu, which uses smartphone sensors to detect movement caused by an earthquake.

The app could give early warnings of a quake to populations, however, it is not indented to replace traditional seismic networks like those run by the U.S. Geological Survey, said Richard Allen, leader of the app project and director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.

The algorithm behind MyShake, developed by a handful of Silicon Valley programmers, relies on the same technology smartphone gamers depend on to sense the phone's orientation, known as the accelerometer, in order to measure movement caused by quakes.

Distinguish earthquakes from normal human activities.

By harvesting information from hundreds of phones closest to the earthquake, scientists will be able to test a computer system that could, in the future, dispatch early warnings that shaking is seconds or minutes away to people farther away from the earthquake’s origin.

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Check the video below: 

Source: Berkeley


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