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Valuable insights from the #EUCrowdShow in Nicosia

Startup News

The need of access to funding opportunities is crucial for the entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding covers that need and it has become the most (possibly) popular method of raising funds.

Nicosia has become one of the cities of the European Crowd Show, the world’s first crowdsourced roadshow across 28 countries in Europe, and which is supported by the European Startup Network. In an event hosted by IDEA and Startup Cyprus, MyMicroInvest and Baunat have presented their expertise and experiences in the crowdfunding industry, equivalently.


MyMicroInvest’s CEO Jose Zurstrassen, presented the crowdfunding platform and explained the leveraging opportunity that a company can have, by using such a platform. A crowdfunding platform can give access to a big number and a variety of investors.

Baunat, a new company in the space of online diamond business, presented the difficulties that such a ‘closed’ market has, and that, even with such a unique (and expensive) product, a crowdfunding platform can considerably help the expansion of any business.

An online crowdfunding platform has a variety of benefits, with the most important one to be the variety of investors, professional and angel investors, and venture capitalists. It is worth mentioning that in Europe there is still a debate and discussions on specific crowdfunding policies and regulations, although some jurisdictions begun issuing some kind of licenses (usually related to investment firm license). If you are seeking a funding through a US crowdfunding platform, then you’d better read the terms and conditions of such platform, because the regulatory framework there exists.