The Cypriot team NestFold won the NASA Space Apps Global People’s Choice Award!

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Nestfold, has won the NASA Space Apps Global People’s Choice Award and has been officially invited by NASA to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA to attend the upcoming launch of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS-M) on 3rd August, 2017.

During this visit, the team will meet with NASA’s scientists to discuss about potentiall application of the idea. This is a great honor for both our team and for Cyprus since our country ranked first among more than two thousand teams from around the world.

The competition began on 29th of April and had a duration of fewer than 48 hours. NestFold got the “Local Peoples’ Choice Award” at Space Apps Challenge Limassol, which gave the opportunity to the team, to participate in the Global Space Apps Challenge. Continuing the same process, public voting, in a short period of time, the team was among the top 5 finalists and finally at the last round the global winner.

The NestFold team is consisted of 17 people from various knowledge backgrounds, such as electrical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer engineers, and programmers. Most of the team members are bachelor students and graduates.

NestFold SpaceApps

The Nestfold Project

The NestFold team has designed a system of portable shelters of innovative design that can be either pre-installed at areas that are difficult to reach or can be dropped from cargo planes or helicopters in case of emergency. The shelters are lifesaving assets during emergency situations caused by natural disasters when people are trapped with no access to shelter and food. Every person will have the ability to identify, through a mobile app or various optical and acoustic signals, the nearest shelter or get informed about the availability of a nearby shelter.

The envisioned shelters are designed to be deployed with ease while at the same time withstand numerous natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and landslides. Every portable shelter is easily deployed and unfolds to become three times bigger than its initial size. Every shelter can accommodate up to 18, including 2 injured, people and provide them with food and water for up to 6 days. The shelters are also equipped with
essential equipment including first aid kits emergency oxygen masks and more. All shelters communicate with a central data fusion center providing it with data regarding inner and outer environment in addition to biometric data.

Data analysis occurs at the central system where all shelter data are combined satellite images, to produce a so experts can foresee and prevent or mitigate the exposure of people to the disaster, while suggesting the best evacuation routes possible.

NestFold Team members
Name Surname Duty

Aggelos Fotiou ΜΜΚ 2ο
Chrystalla Chrystodoulou ΕΠΑ 3ο
Constantinos Tsaggarides ΜΜΚ 3o
Daniil Sourianos Graduate ECE
Elina Panteli Chemistry, ECE 20
Ioanna Zari ΜΜΚ 2ο
Irine Kleanthous Civil Eng, MBA
Maria Antoniou ΜΜΚ 4ο
Maria Kazamia ECE 20
Marios Theoti Graduate ECE
Odysseas Oikonomides ECE 40
Omiros Petrou Finance 2o
Stephanos Christophorou Android Programmer
Stelios Meimaris Android Programmer
Timotheos Souroulla ECE 20
Wael Al Masri ECE 20
Yiannis Kyriakides Academic Stuff

ECE: Electrical and Computer Eng.
MMK: Mechanical Eng.

NestFold is looking for supporters to cover their travel expenses to USA. In case that there is interest, don’t hesitate to contact them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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