Vote for CyRIC to highlight Innovation, Made In Cyprus, at the European Business Awards

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2015 was a great and very important year for CyRIC. Significant European and National projects have been won, CyRIC team grew from 6 to 14 and the new arm of our activities, Startup and Youth Entrepreneurship Support, has been initiated.

All these have enabled CyRIC to be awarded as one of 2015 National Champions in Innovation Category at the most prestigious business competition, the European Business Awards.

CyRIC is now competing to become the Public Champion for 2015 in order to be able to represent Cyprus to the Competition's final where the winners of all the National competitions will compete at a European Level. For all of us at CyRIC is very important to be offered the ability to represent Cyprus in Europe and distinguish that Innovation can be Made in Cyprus. Our island is well known abroad for many reasons but Innovation is not among them. Our company, and quite few others, have managed the last 3-4 years to place Cyprus on the European Research and Innovation map through winning and completing successfully numerous EU funded projects and competing equally with prestigious, historic and huge European organizations, companies and research institutions.

CyRIC would really appreciate of you could offer us your vote. Help us Highlight and Distinguish Innovation, Made in Cyprus.

CyRIC provides below a guideline on how to vote for them.

  1. Open your browser and type  or click here.
  2. You will be then directed in CyRIC page where you should input your email, fill the provided captcha and click "CLICK HERE TO VOTE".
  3. A notification will appear that an email to confirm your vote has been send to the provided email address.
  4. Go to your email and open the email sent to you with title "EBA Vote - Please confirm your vote".
  5. Within the email body at the second line you will find a provided link looking like "".
  6. Click the link and you will be directed at a page asking you to click within a square box just to verify that you are not a robot. Do this and then click the button that appears below to Submit your vote.

Find below a guideline on how to vote for CyRIC.

EBA Voting Guide Final 1

EBA Voting Guide Final 2

EBA Voting Guide Final 3

EBA Voting Guide Final 4

EBA Voting Guide Final 5

This is the last day of the VOTING so act now! 

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