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CyRIC and its partners develop a smart, wireless shoe insole for medical and sport applications

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EU funded research project Wi-Shoe coordinated by the Cypriot company CyRIC-Cyprus Research and Innovation Center has just concluded its first lab tests and by the end of the current month the demonstration phase will be finalized.

The scope of the project is the development of a wireless shoe insole with the ability to measure and monitor a number of important gait and energy expenditure parameters for Medical and Sports applications. This is accomplished through the incorporation of miniaturized sensors and advanced electronic subsystems.

The product is mainly addressed to professional sports and athletic teams as well as doctors and other medical sector professionals. The system includes a thin wireless shoe insole and a smartphone application enabling the user to receive notifications when a parameter goes beyond the predefined levels.

Wi-Shoe stands out with its high measuring accuracy, as proved by the verification tests with other similar more costly systems. Wi-Shoe has been currently tested by Apollon Limassol Volleyball women team and ANIMUS, a rehabilitation center at Greece. Wi-Shoe project team includes, beside CyRIC other very important European companies and research organizations.

WiShoe is supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-SME-2013, Grant agreement no: 605777). Partners in the consortium are Podartis (www.podartis.com), Electronics Design (www.electronics.ee), Potamitis Medicare (www.potamitismedicare.com), Biomechanical Solutions (www.bme.gr), Apollon FC (www.apollon.com.cy), Animus (www.animus.com.gr), Incdmtm (www.incdmtm.ro), Ateknea Solutions (www.ateknea.com) and CERTH-Center for Research and Technology Hellas (www.certh.gr).

For more information visit www.wishoe.eu

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Presentation and workshop for the project in Trikala, Greece.