DisruptCyprus Live attending CyprusInno Island-wide entrepreneurship ecosystem analysis

DisruptCyprus Live attending CyprusInno Island-wide entrepreneurship ecosystem analysis

The flagship CyprusInno island-wide business mixer is back! On Tuesday, March 10 at 18:00, CyprusInno, in collaboration with the British High Commission, will be hosting its newest event Island-Wide Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Analysis Readout + 7th Business Mixer at the Ledra Palace Hotel in the Buffer Zone.

A presentation of the main findings of the assessment will be followed by their flagship mixer networking reception!

For the past few months, CyprusInno has conducted an island-wide research effort to better understand the needs and challenges of business owners/entrepreneurs across Cyprus with the objective of using the data to inform the entrepreneurial ecosystem of identifying needs and gaps, and furthermore unite the ecosystem by bringing together all stakeholders for collaboration. Topics explored include challenges faced when starting, growing, and scaling a business in Cyprus, talent gaps, entrepreneur profiles, growth opportunities, and more. An integral part of this initiative also assessed general familiarity with regulations for business across the green line, as well as how it’s being used by business owners in Cyprus today.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A session right before the mixer networking reception. CyprusInno’s 7th Inter-Communal Business Mixer will feature a reception with refreshments.

#DisruptCyprusLive will attend the event and bring you live the entrepreneurship analysis readout. 

Tune in at 6pm (GMT+3) via our facebook live video page here. 

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