EXCELSIOR project supports the Innovation and Idea Development Center of Cyta

EXCELSIOR project supports the Innovation and Idea Development Center of Cyta

EXCELSIOR project supports the Innovation and Idea Development Center of Cyta in the first Cyta Smartcity Crowdhackathon– A three day Hackathon for Smart Cities!

Cyta’s Innovation and Idea Development Center hosted during the 23rd to 25th of February, 2018, the first Cyta Smartcity Crowdhackathon. Partcipants in the Hackathon included young entrepreneurs, developers, analysts and students which were called to develop pilot services and applications for solving problems that the Local Authorities face in order to support local and national development through new technologies. The Hackathon for the Development of Innovative Applications and Services, invited participants to give solutions for smart cities through pilot applications on the Internet or/and through smart devices.

EXCELSIOR vigorously supports efforts that aim in Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship and gladly accepted the invitation to present its work to participants, mentors and companies. During the Open Workshop for Digital Innovation, Digital Transformation and Smart Cities, EXCELSIOR presented its vision for the establishment of ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence for conducting basic and applied research and innovation in the areas of the integrated use of remote sensing and space-based techniques for monitoring the environment. It also aspires to create 200 new job positions and placing Cyprus on the international map for the study of the Environment through space technologies.

The presentation was attended by significant stakeholders from the sector of economy, Municipalities and the academic community, as well as large organizations like Cyta, KPMG, Cyprus Research and Innovation Center (CyRIC), the innovation company Crowdpolicy, IDEA and all the participants of the Hackathon challenge.

Members of the EXCELSIOR team networked with participants and informed interested stakeholders for the activities and aims of the project and arranged further meetings for collaborations!

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