Launching the #DisruptCyprus Insiders Community.

Launching the #DisruptCyprus Insiders Community. - the tech blog of Cyprus - started its operations in 2015 covering tech, startup and innovation events, stories and news of the Cypriot tech industry and communities worldwide.

We want to offer back to our most loyal fans and readers a channel that they would be able to network, collaborate and all together create a bright future for our small island based on disruptive innovations and technologies.

Some benefits for joining the #DisruptCyprus Insiders Community:

- Discounts from upcoming events, workshops, seminars and meetups
- Discounts from other technology, innovation and research events by our partner network globally
- First access to news about the Startup, innovation and tech ecosystem of Cyprus
- Access to events and meetups only for the #DisruptCyprus Insiders Community.
- Access to educational material, presentations, guides and reports posted only for the #DisruptCyprus Insiders.
- Competitions and freebies only for #DisruptCyprus Insiders
- Get help from each other by interacting in a genuine and authentic conversation about technology, innovation and startups.

Together we are a lot smarter than any single one of us.

No spam or advertising links will be allowed. The official language of the community is English, in order all #DisruptCyprusInsiders to be able to interact.

We would be allowing only a few members per day in order to make it an active community. So if you are not accepted immediately do not worry :)


Panis Pieri 🖖😎
Founder @DisruptCyprus

Let's #DisruptCyprus!

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Panis Pieri
Author: Panis Pieri
Founder & Tech Blogger @DisruptCyprus
Tech Blogger with a passion for Disruption. Disrupt, Innovate or Perish!


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