CIIM’s i3: Energy Entrepreneurship Workshop taking place in Larnaca

CIIM’s i3: Energy Entrepreneurship Workshop taking place in Larnaca

CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management, as Interreg Project Partner of “i3: Ideas, Inventions and Innovations for Entrepreneurship”, will be hosting a workshop for “Entrepreneurship in Energy” on 17th to 19th of March 2019, at the Flamingo Hotel in Larnaca.

Trainees from the five partner countries of the project; Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, and FYROM will be trained over the course of 3 days. The trainers are industry professionals, as well as academics, who will be covering; entrepreneurship, renewable energy, business and employment opportunities of this sector. By the end of the workshop, the teams will be able to present innovative business models for the Energy sector, of which, the best will be awarded, and chosen to represent the sector in the “i3 Project Exhibition” in June 2019.

The overall purpose of the i3 Project is to address the Balkan Peninsula and East Mediterranean Sea’s strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through five themes; Energy, Environment, Lifestyle, IT and technology.

The i3 project aims to build and strengthen entrepreneurial thinking, and create new business opportunities through the five partners’ research, which will result in a novel way of learning. The project also aims to establish closer links between training, educational institutions and businesses, so as to minimise the gap between the supply and demand of skilled human resources. On a more extended level, the project will concentrate its efforts to resolve the most pressing issue of regional, national and global levels in support of socio-economic development.

interreg i3 skopje

Photo is from the ICT workshop that took place in Skopje, earlier this year.

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