BOC Hackathon FinTech 2.0 is on!

BOC Hackathon FinTech 2.0 is on!

This weekend the BOC Hackathon #FinTech 2.0 is happening in Nicosia.

The DisruptCyprus media team will be attending to bring you live and insights from the three days.

As you can see in the pictures below everything are ready to host the developers, designers, aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors and judges of the BOC Hackathon #FinTech 2.0.

boc day1 crowdpolicy

boc day1 crowdpolicy2

boc day1 crowdpolicy3

Photo Credits: BOC Hackathon

Great goodie bags also for all the attendees…

boc day1 crowdpolicy goodiebag

boc day1 crowdpolicy goodiebag2
Photo Credits: BOC Hackathon

The official hashtag of the hackathon is #FinTech2 so stay tuned for updates via social media. If you are attending use it and share your moments. DisruptCyprus will livestream the kickoff, the pitching and the award ceremony on Sunday. So stay tuned at #DisruptCyprusLive for livestreams and updates via facebook and our website. 

The kickoff of the hackathon is on Friday 26/10 at 6.30pm. After that is coding, coding, mentoring and coding. You can see agenda, prizes and mentors at

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