KPMG: Lighting the spark of innovation in big corporations – CYTA experience


Do not miss today (12.1.2016 – 6pm) the KPMG Enterprise Tuesdays organised by the KPMG Startups Cyprus team. Today the title of the event is “Lighting the spark of innovation in big corporations".

The first KPMG Enterprise Tuesdays event for the year will evolve around important aspects of intrapreneurship and the challenges intrapreneurs face in changing big corporations.

The event will focus on:
- Developing an understanding of intrapreneurship
- Deriving value from intrapreneurship in big corporations
- Management challenges posed by intrapreneurship
- Making a big corporation innovative; the CYTA experience

The announcement mentions that: ''Intrapreneurs, like entrepreneurs, are people who though innovation want to change the business environment they operate or function in. However, big corporations by their nature may be risk averse and resist innovation and change. Balancing this tension creates a challenge for management.''

The two speakers of the event are Metin Senova, Senior Manager of Business Transformation of KPMG Cyprus and Christos Christou, Head of Innovation & Idea Development Center of CYTA


Source: KPMG Startups Cy Facebook

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