Discover Science in our everyday Life at #MSFcy


Why do I grow old? Should we get vaccinated? Why isn’t everyone left-handed? What is the world’s oldest computer? Why do leopards have spots?

You can find all the answers at the 1st Mediterranean Science Festival, the festival of Science, Technology and Innovation, which is organized for the first time in Cyprus at the Lanitis Carob Mill Complex in Limassol, from the 3rd until the 6th of December, 2015. Entrance to the event is free.

The vision of the Mediterranean Science Festival is to demonstrate in an entertaining way the latest science and innovation developments in Cyprus, the wider Mediterranean region and internationally, and to communicate the importance of science to the public.

Following the motto "Discover Science in our Everyday Life!", the 1st Mediterranean Science Festival is aimed at young children, students, and people of every age who love and are interested in knowledge and technology. For four consecutive days, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of science, technology and innovation through original and entertaining activities which include a very large interactive exhibition, live experiments, workshops, training games, theatrical performances, screenings, talks and lively discussions, by distinguished Cypriot and foreign scientists and educators.

The full programme of the Mediterranean Science Festival, which includes more than 120 activities, is found here.

Now, In the framework of the “Research and Innovation Week”, SciCo-Cyprus and the Research Promotion Foundation, with the co-organisation of the Youth Board of Cyprus, organize the 1st Mediterranean Science Festival in Cyprus, with the goal to position the Festival as an annual event not only in the Mediterranean area, but internationally as well. The Festival is organised in collaboration with the European Office of Cyprus (EOC) and the participation of the whole body of the educational and research community of the country as well as a multitude of organizations, institutions, non-governmental organizations, associations, etc.

DisruptCyprus is happy to support the event and be among the communications sponsors. Follow our hashtag #DCYlive and #MSFcy for live updates and our Periscope account for livestreaming sessions for the next 4 days.