The European SCIENT Startup Idea Competition happening in Cyprus

Startup Events in Cyprus

The first of its kind Business Idea Competition among STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) PhD students and post-docs is taking place in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 14th of September at EUC!

Stay tuned via their Facebook event to learn all the details for the 34 participants, coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and the UK!

A unique event celebrating academic entrepreneurship, development of innovative business ideas and research work turned into commercialization work!

This event aims to celebrate the success of our participants and their learning trip towards a new career path, that of entrepreneurship. 35 STEM Ph.D. students and graduates have been selected from the 7 participating EU countries (5 peo­ple from each country) to present their business ideas and take part in the com­petition that SCIENT will be organizing in Nicosia, Cyprus, between the 11th until the 14th of September 2017.

The final event entitled “SCIENT Entrepreneurship Academy and Business Competition” aims to put into practice and showcase to the world the experi­ences acquired during the pilot testing program and the knowledge gained by the participants. The 5 top participants from each country will travel to Cyprus and participate in:

1. A 2-day Entrepreneurship Academy program and
2. A pitching event together with a Competition for the Best Business Idea (2-day event).

All young scientists will present their business plans to a panel of representatives from Business Angels and Venture Capital firms coming from around Europe, in order to give them the opportunity to obtain funding and realize their business idea through the creation of their own start-up.

This stage is of vital importance for the practical application of our training con­tent, seeing in reality how our young scientists have utilized in practice every­thing that they have been taught during the pilot training seminar. Also, the event will be a unique opportunity for 35 young researchers from across Europe to exchange ideas, best practices and develop a solid network between them that could lead to future successful collaborations in business and in academia.

The events will be open to the public so as to create heighten interest to young people through our media coverage and our social media and present this as an important and innovative event taking place in Cyprus. To this end, a large num­ber of academics, young and experienced researchers, consultants, public officers, decision makers, national MEPs, well-known entrepreneurs and managers and other representatives of the public and private sectors will be invited to attend.

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