Marios Vasileiou: Be calm and don’t be afraid to ask help from the mentors at BOC FinTech Hackathon

Marios Vasileiou: Be calm and don’t be afraid to ask help from the mentors at BOC FinTech Hackathon

DisruptCyprus had the opportunity to talk with Marios Vasileiou, a member of the team Heroes Lab, which won the third place last year in the BOC FinTech Hackathon.

Heroes Lab built an MVP using blockchain to facilitate real-time payments between third parties. Marios told us why hackathons are important for the innovation ecosystem in Cyprus and shared his experience, insights, tips about the BOC fintech hackathon.

- Why are hackathons important for the innovation ecosystem in Cyprus?

In such small developer communities like Cyprus it is very important to organize such events to bring developers together and share innovative ideas. Usually all Cypriot startups started when someone like me meeting another great guy in a workplace or group and they had an idea, or they developed one from a need they had. Organizing such events makes it easier to find the right people to help you build your idea and become reality.



- Why you attended the BOC Hackathon fintech?

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join their team and I knew that all are professionals with great background. When I first heard the idea I really liked it and found it challenging... and I always love challenges. So we had some brainstorming with the team, finalized the idea and developed it further. We thought that it would be a great idea that could win the hackathon and so it did!





- How did you find the BOC Hackathon last year?

BOC Hackathon was very well organized last year and a lot of helpful mentors were there to guide us. We had some technical problems with the API but the Crowdpolicy team solved them quickly and we continued our project. For a first BOC fintech hackathon, using the beta bank`s api for the first time was very good. We met some skilled people who presented some very good ideas at the event. It was a joyful weekend with interesting ideas presented by the teams and really helpful mentors.





- Would you recommend to other people to attend and what advice/tips would you give them?

Yes, for sure I recommend to all Cypriot developers, and not only, to attend and live the experience. It's a unique and very enjoyable experience.
For all the new teams here are my tips:
1. Organize everything and have a clear idea of what is your final project you want to deliver.
2. Separate tasks for each person in your team and try to make an estimation.
3. Always have a backup plan because projects don't always go as we expect them and time is very precious.
4. Be calm and don’t be afraid to ask help from your mentor






Some photos of the team from last year.

marios vasileiou

marios vasileiou2

marios vasileiou3

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