Kyriacos Kokkinos: The Research Promotion Foundation is undergoing an upgrade

Kyriacos Kokkinos: The Research Promotion Foundation is undergoing an upgrade

If you are interested to learn more what the new chief scientist Kyriacos Kokkinos is planning the next years on the area of research and innovation, you can watch the presentation and the discussion that took place during the IET Cyprus Local Network event Innovation: The way forward.

Some very interesting points.

- Malta is 70% branding and it’s much lower in terms of innovation from Cyprus. We need to work much more on the communication part. 
- We have talent globally that we need to utilise globally. But not bring them back because we can’t compete with other big countries at this point
- The government has committed in reaching 300 million contributions until 2022 in research and innovation.
- We are planning to announce more communication activities reaching the amount of 180,000. According to our sources, the advertising budget of the Research Promotion Foundation was around 30,000 up to now.
- The Research Promotion Foundation is going to be upgraded and renamed to Institute of Research and Innovation











- The photo is from an old event that took place in the House of Europe.

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