DisruptCyprus AMA featuring agile coach Konstantinos Kareklas

DisruptCyprus AMA featuring agile coach Konstantinos Kareklas

Today I will be featuring the agile coach Konstantinos Kareklas for the 4th episode of #DisruptCyprusAMA.

During the AMA session we will chat about the agile philosophy, agile development and the Cyprus Agile and Innovation Community.

Konstantinos is a holder of BSc Business Administration with concentration in Management Information Systems, worked mainly in the IT and Training industry. From 2003 till 2013, I have been working as a Trainer/Manager of Training center mainly for professionals covering the areas of IT and Business Administration. Since 2013, I am working in Agile Environments as a Scrum Master, Innovation facilitator and Agile Coach (multicultural environments of 150 employees) coaching, mentoring, providing agile trainings and workshops and managing innovation process and projects.

He is the founder of Cyprus Agile and Innovation community and already organized two successful Agile meetups in Limassol. He participated in the Agile Summit in Greece on 2017 and 2018 and got invited to the Beyond Agile Israel 2018 in Tel Aviv as a speaker, and gave a TED style talk about Agile and Innovation.

Tune in 12pm (Cyprus Time) to drop your questions about agile and startups or just to say hi👋.

Invite your friends to watch the episode or join us during the Ask Me Anything session.

See you on Monday 25/2 for #DisruptCyprusAMA S02E04 🖖😎

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