Our story

Our story

DisruptCyprus.com is a tech blog about Cypriot Research, Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship and TECHnology worldwide.

RISETECH Media launched the blog in November 2015 and via growth hacking techniques we have grown rapidly to be one of the most visited tech blogs in Cyprus. The blog has since grown organically at a fast pace and gathered more than 9,000+ social media followers on Facebook and more than 3000+ followers in other social media platforms.

We are proud to say that we attended more than 300 events the last three years on areas of research, innovation, startups, entrepreneurship and technology worldwide. Our flagship event is #DisruptionTalks. DisruptionTalks.com is a tech conference devoted to spreading more disruptive innovation and real disruptive stories of tech founders in the form of fireside chats and talks in Cyprus.

Our mission is to spread disruptive innovation, embrace change from digital disruption, help create new markets with value by using high tech technology while educating and helping innovators to network.

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Panis Pieri
Author: Panis Pieri
Founder & Tech Blogger @DisruptCyprus
Tech Blogger with a passion for Disruption. Disrupt, Innovate or Perish!